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Sylph of Light

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I don’t think the comment “bisexuals have straight privilege unless they’re in lesbian relationships” makes any more sense than saying “lesbians have straight privilege while they’re single”. This makes the assumption that all bisexuals who are single or in opposite-sex relationships actively hide their sexual orientation.

If a gay woman keeps her sexual identity secret while she’s single in order to avoid discrimination, we don’t accuse her of co-opting straight privilege – we sympathize with her for feeling the need to closet herself. So why the double standard for bisexuals?

It might not apply to you, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t straight-looking femme lesbians, or androgynous-looking, rainbow-wearing, alternative-haircut-having bisexuals. My point is that that comment oversimplifies and overgeneralizes things in a way that seems unreasonable to me. By Chandra on Autostraddle (via my-drop-is-full-of-tree-branches)

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sea mermaids rescuing injured animals from oil spills and taking care of them

swamp mermaids creating little homes from algae and moss and twigs for the frogs and alligators

river mermaids racing with otters and fish and helping creatures swim upstream 

lake mermaids floating near the surface to sunbathe and letting animals ride on their stomachs

mermaids (^▽^)/

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The Furies, otherwise known as the Erinyes were the cruel underworld goddesses of vengeance and retribution. The three sisters consisted of Alecto (the angry), Megara (the grudging), and Tisiphone (the avenging) and were wards of the god Hades where they dwelled in the underworld. In some versions they are said to have been created by the blood of the titan Uranus while other versions praise them as daughter of the goddess Nyx, the goddess of the night. The sisters served as persecutors against crimes such as murder (especially within one’s own family), disrespect, perjury, and injustice and they drew great joy from the punishment which they gave to others. They were said to be of a ghastly and frightful sight, with poisonous blood in their veins, serpents snaking through their hair and bat-like wings The wrath of the Furies would follow any who would dare to commit crimes, and in the old days, people held this truth against their conscience as the furies would punish their victims by driving them into an unrelenting insanity.